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About the Club

The White Riders currently have 76 family memberships, which maintain over 25 miles of trail.  Last year, the club raised money and made donations to: The Hampshire Park District, to support an after-school reading program, The Hampshire Park District, to its Scholarship Fund and The Hampshire-Burlington Food Pantry.  The White Riders are also a member of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA).  This is a national organization that was formed to unite the snowmobile community and is committed to the future preservation of our sport.

Each year, the White Riders hosts these events for its members:

  • Fall Bonfire/Hot Dog Roast

  • Meat / Cash Raffle Party

  • Christmas Party

  • Local and Northwoods Club Snowmobile Trips

  • Kane County Cougars baseball game

The club also sponsors the summer reading program at Hampshire's Ella Johnson Library, sponsors a hole at the annual Hampshire Lions Club golf outing and are a sponsor of the NIU Clean Snowmobile Team.

Club History

The Hampshire White Riders Snowmobile Club was founded in the fall of 1979, following the January '79 blizzard.  The Huntley Penguins were instrumental in helping organize the local club.  We joined the Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs (IASC) in 1985, becoming a member of Region 5.  The state network of trail systems gives us access to neighboring states through reciprocal agreements, making it possible to reach Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan via the Hampshire trails.

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