The Hampshire White Riders Snowmobile Club has had a agreement with The Village since 1980 about snowmobiling in Hampshire. This will address many questions about riding in the village. We need to get the word out ourselves to everyone. We think our website, social media, and all of us members talking to anyone in the Village of Hampshire who will listen is key.


The rules and regulations for snowmobiling in the Village of Hampshire are:


1. You CAN ride any village street STRICTLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF GETTING TO AND FROM THE TRAIL AT A SPEED OF 15mph OR LESS -  NO JOY RIDING IN THE VILLAGE! Stay off sidewalks and grassy surfaces, such as parkways or lawns. STAY OUT OF THE PARKS!


2. You CAN NOT ride on State Street, you CAN cross State Street, but you CAN NOT ride on it.


3. You CAN NOT cross State Street between Terwillger and Washington (Downtown Business District) due to the poor visibility.

4. Trails are LEGALLY open from December 10 - March 15 with 4" of snow on frozen ground and 6" of snow on unfrozen ground.